Online Reputation Management

What’s ORM, Anyways?
The search engine result pages (SERPs) are more than just a window for customers and clients – it is also the most up-to-date news page for information pertaining to an entity. When undesired content makes its way to page 1, customers may be misled by false, inaccurate, or even degrading content about your business or brand. Due to the permanent nature of the internet, this information can’t be erased – however it can be buried. A Reputation Management campaign can sufficiently restore your company’s or personal good name.

For Companies: The crucial few seconds when the customer is looking over page 1 can make or break a conversion. Any negative press about your brand that finds that space could have an unwanted negative impact on CTR.
For individuals: Your name is your brand. A user who sees a result that may indicate a lack of intergrity will often spend more time searching to see if it’s true, before actually clicking on the link to your website.
How does it work?
When a tree falls in a forest, does anyone hear a sound? We make the undesirable content irrelevant and unseen, effectively erasing it from the visible portion of search graph. We know that only a tiny amount (less than 2%) actually click on page 2 – so the first battle is creating the ideal page 1 in Google, Yahoo, and Bing for your brand.

The best defense is a good offense: We will create or leverage existing positive web properties to elbow out negative or neutral results on page one. The web properties are dynamic and can be tailed for a number of applications.

Give A Hint

Kahena can also tailor the results in Google Suggest (the suggested queries when you start typing). There are some cutting edge tactics we employ to push the search engines to change the suggestions and complimentary keywords when a user searches for your brand.

Just having the word ‘scam’ or similar negative words pop up are enough to deter a potential customeror visitor. Not only do we work on removing these, but at the same time we populate suggest with more positive suggestions that will bring about a more positive brand experience before a searcher even engages with your site or content.

Our Experience
We have helped multiple brands and individuals dominate page 1 real estate, elbowing out negative web-properties, and populating the results with positive properties they control or are proud of. This process is technically the same as our Search Engine Optimization tactics, except instead of working on one site, we do it on multiple properties.

Depending on the campaign, we will either create new profiles and sites or use existing positive properties. We’ll get an ideal page 1 list of sites from you and won’t stop until you have a picture perfect SERP.

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